#Walk2Work: Get ready!

Walking to work: it’s a simple concept and it’s simple to do. But the reasons why Time2Move wants you to do it are a little more detailed…


Firstly, why we want you to do it. It’s not for the fresh air (though that’s nice) and it’s not for the calorie burn (again, nice); it’s for the fact that, once you’re at work, you’re very likely to be sitting down at a desk for up to 75% of your day1. Which, by the way, isn’t good for your blood circulation!


Of course we know that you have to be at your desk to do some work, but sitting for just 90 minutes (which goes very fast if you’re on a deadline!) halves the blood flow behind your knee and increases your risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) – a blood clot in the leg2. This means that you should regularly be standing up, moving around and trying some of our easy office workouts or exercises.


What’s more, at the beginning and end of the working day, you should consider swapping your normal ‘sitting’ commute for a #Walk2Work instead. Not only does this create general health-inducing exercise, it also stops you being stuck on a train, bus or car and spending even more of your day sitting down, lowering the blood flow and raising DVT risk.


So that’s why we want you to #Walk2Work. And now for ‘why now?’…


The answer is because Time2Move is here to raise crucial global awareness of blood clots and get as many people moving against thrombosis as possible.


So please join us. Please walk. Please talk. Please tell your colleagues and friends. Please take pictures of what you see on your route and tweet us @ThromboCoach.


And finally, please keep doing it – not just today, but every day. Keep walking. Keep moving. Keep snapping. Keep tweeting. And keep helping the world’s fight against thrombosis.


1Buckley JP et al. Br J Sports Med. 2015;0:1-6

2Thrombosis UK: The Thrombosis Charity. Reducing the risk of e-thrombosis. February 2013

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