A workout series, for every series...

Nowadays, there is a lot of choice about what to watch on TV – and where to watch it and when to watch it…


Though, if you want to lower your risk of developing DVT – a blood clot in the leg – there is no choice on how you watch it: in other words, you have to watch it and remember to move regularly.


Because if you sit for 90 minutes (which you’ll probably do more than you think – after all, that’s just one and a half episodes), you halve blood flow behind your knee, instantly upping the risk of that DVT.


To help lower it again though, don’t worry, you don’t have to stop watching; you just have to start moving!


Because yes, it might sound contradictory to move while you’re sitting on the sofa (or on the train, or in the office) catching up on your latest boxset obsession, but it’s actually easier than you think – especially with our ThromboCoach workout, with tips on how to make #Time2Move and be active, whatever the action on screen:



The couple in question have got together (or nearly got together, or might be about to get together)… either way, hurray! Time to celebrate by standing up and throwing your arms in the air!



You’re probably on the edge of your seat – which means it’s probably the perfect time to do these edge-of-seat arm dips…




You’re scared, and that’s fine. But don’t hide behind a cushion, draw your knees up and hide behind those instead…




You’re already getting a mini workout just from laughing, which can burn up to around 50 calories per 15 minutes. But for a maxi workout that also helps tackle DVT, for every punchline, stand up and do some air-punches.



Documentaries are great both for learning new things, and for showing of the things you already know. So for every fact you already know, do a ‘gold’ star jump; for every new fact you learn, do a ‘sitting down to learn in class’ squat.


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