The 7 best moves for the 7 biggest movies

It’s that time of year again: red carpets, sparkling gowns, gushing speeches, and you, walking round and round the coffee table…


Yes, it’s awards season. And this year, you’re not only getting the best movies – but thanks to ThromboCoach, you’re also getting the best movie-linked ways to get up and get moving against blood clots.


Because remember that however many accolades a film wins, they probably don’t score very highly on the ‘anti-thrombosis’ scale – like you could be on Award night!


Sitting for longer than 90 minutes (which is barely even half of most films) cuts blood flow behind your knee by 50%, greatly increasing the risk of developing a potentially life-threatening blood clot.


So what are you waiting for? Here’s how you can make Time2Move with your favourite award-nominated movies.


Lights, camera… action!


If you’re a fan of Fences, make like the baseballers on screen and stand up and swing your arms (pitch or hit, it’s up to you!).


Hidden Figures might be about working out complicated space mathematics, but the only sum that matters to us is stand up + orbit circles round your coffee table = lowering DVT risk.


Lion is all about discovery. So come on, go wild, get out and explore the big outdoors (aka take a walk around the block).


With all its singing and dancing, La la Land is a movie made for moving. Be inspired and get up and shuffle your feet too (even shuffling them while sitting down gets the blood flowing).


Arrival is all about bonding with the aliens living up above us, so get a little bit closer too (not too near, obviously) by climbing up as many flights of stairs as possible (or at least pretending to!).


Captain Fantastic loves living in the woods – don’t worry you don’t have to go that far, but take inspiration and at least for a walk in them.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them keeps its stars busy running around trying to hunt down magical animals – why not reinvent it by having a go at Pokemon Go?




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