T2M x TEDxEastEnd

On Saturday 25th February our Thrombo Coach and the Time2Move team, made their way to trendy East London to spread our mission and get every TEDxEastEnd audience member up and out of their seats and moving against thrombosis.

A great TEdx line-up, however, also means a lot of sitting…  in fact for up to seven hours. As sitting down for 90 minutes reduces the blood flow behind the knee by 50% and TEDx is all about learning, it was our mission to get people out of their seats and help them lower their risk of blood clots through movement.



While our DJ at the Time2Move booth was pumping music to warm the audience, (check out our Spotify playlist and do the same http://spoti.fi/2kvM1no), we teamed up with Look Up London to take people on a walk to explore Hackney’s hidden history.

Equipped with pedometers and led by Katie, our tour guide, we went on two 30-minute explorations of Hackney's Mare Street, a thoroughfare that dates from the 15th Century. We uncovered both the forgotten and recent history of Hackney, celebrating its diversity and rejuvenation as well as its art, theatre and culture.

By raising our eyes above our usual gaze we spotted clues that uncover Mare Street's colourful past all the while making Time2Move against thrombosis!


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