Excellent European city walks

There’s nothing quite like a nice walk and getting out into the fresh air. In fact, slowing things down and exploring is one of the simplest pleasures out there.


You don’t always have to hike out to fields and hills to have a great stroll either. Some of the greatest walks in the world can be found in cities too.


It’s easy to make simple steps to get up, get out and get moving against blood clots (getting some fresh air isn’t bad either!). Sitting for more than 90 minutes can reduce circulation behind the knee by 50% and increases the risk of a blood clot in the leg.


So what are you waiting for? Why not help lower it, and give yourself a bit of a taste of what some of Europe’s greatest cities have to offer when it comes to making #Time2Move. We’ve put together some of our favourite city walks for you to check out:




Home to Parliament, Big Ben, London Bridge, parks, galleries and more, London is a huge city, full of amazing sights to take in for both travelers and visitors. Never mind the tube or big red buses, going on foot is the best way to experience England’s famous capital.


One of the most popular walks that covers a range of historic and cultural attractions is the London Royal Parks Walk, which covers St. James’ Park, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Royal Albert Hall, the Serpentine Gallery and Kensington Palace, amongst others. Taking around 3 hours at a leisurely pace, there’s plenty to see here, so make sure you bring your camera!




The famously cosmopolitan city of Berlin is a fascinating destination to walk through, combining historic and modern features around every corner. Brimming with a unique culture, it’s a favourite amongst tourists and German nationals alike.


Immerse yourself in history and walk along the East side of the Berlin Wall, which stretches over 37km or take a 5.3km stroll west from the famous East Side Gallery through to the Reichstag Building, enjoying the sights along the way.




Bursting with ancient culture known the world over, Rome is a dream destination for fans of art, architecture and magnificent history. You could lose days wandering through its stone streets, taking in the sights and immersing yourself in The Eternal City.


A path travelled through the ages, begin your epic journey at the magnificent Vatican City, walking 2.6km through to the stunningly preserved Pantheon. From here you can carry on your exploration and take a leisurely 15 minute walk from the Pantheon through to the Spanish Steps and carry on another 1.3km to arrive at the Trevi Fountain, taking in the beauty of Rome as you go.


More inspiration

It’s a big world out there. If you’re not in Europe or fancy going further afield, we have another post coming up with some super strolls around other amazing cities. Check back soon!

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