Top stress-busting activities

Late trains, work deadlines, relationship troubles, money worries - the list goes on. Unfortunately, stress is a part of everyday life, and unless you’re a Zen Master, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to manage.


Well, you’re not alone. In a global survey, the number of cases of employee anxiety and stress increased by 74% and 28% respectively over three years, highlighting that millions are feeling the pressure every day.


April is stress awareness month and if you feel like you need to unwind, maybe it’s #Time2Move! Here are some stress-busting activities for you to try that’ll leave you balanced, relaxed and feeling in control.



Combining dance, movement and a whole bunch of energy, Zumba is a popular class that puts the fun into exercise. Using Latin beats and South American melodies, it blends a mixture of dances that guarantees a great workout as well as stress-busting endorphins.



You know what’s good for stress? Hitting stuff. Grab your sweatband and head to your local gym which will undoubtedly have a boxfit class at least once a week. Expect to find yourself donning boxing gloves and punching pads whilst you duck, weave and hum ‘Eye of the Tiger.’


Tai Chi

Martial arts aren’t all about breaking blocks and backflips. The ancient art of Tai Chi consists of slow paced and flowing body movements that calm the mind but keep you moving as well. It’s great because you can practise it anywhere, even if you manage to sneak away to a meeting room for ten minutes during the day.



There are many different types of yoga out there, but Hatha is always a good place to start. As one of the most popular types for beginners, it combines physical stretches, breathing exercises and balance, making it an ideal way to achieve a calmer mind whilst keeping your body flexible, healthy and moving. There’ll be classes all over your city, so have a quick search and start your journey to inner peace.


…and finally


Whichever option you choose to try out, remember that it’s not all about getting that one work-out a day: moving little and often is just as important! Sitting for over 90 minutes halves blood flow behind the knee, and in turn, raises the risk of deep vein thrombosis – DVT – a blood clot that forms in the leg. So with that said, when was the last time you stretched those legs – let’s get up and get moving!



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