Time2Move? Time2Dance!

If you think about it, we do lots of little dances throughout the day – whether we nod along to the beats in our headphones or that little victory shuffle after we enjoy a success, there’s something in us that wants us to move!


Finding little reasons to boogie throughout the day won’t only lift our moods but can help prevent the formation of blood clots too. It’s all too easy to sit in place for hours on end, but just 90 minutes on a chair cuts off blood circulation from behind the knee, increasing the risk of developing blood clots 1.


Remember, you don’t have to be a pro dancer to make #Time2Move! Whether you’re at work, home or anywhere where you’re going to be sat for a while, here are some dandy little dances you can do to keep your spirits up and your blood flowing:



Nothing wrong with getting a little funky when the ‘The Feeling’ hits. Get your favourite Bee Gees song queued up and lose yourself to dance, 70’s style – jetting your arms and pointed fingers out side to side to get that blood flowing.


The Waltz

Feeling fancy? If you have the space, why not take yourself out for a nice sweeping waltz around the room and pretend you’re at a royal function (making sure to have your excuse ready for when someone comes in). Just step side to side in a box formation and right away you’re making #Time2Move!


Air guitar

Sometimes you get that amazing solo or catchy riff that just makes you want to air-guitar, along with a bit of jumping. Well, why not? Plug in your invisible wires, turn up the amp and rock out!


The Sprinkler

This is a fun one that you can do on the spot. All you need to do is put your hand on the back of your neck and wave the other back and forth whilst you rotate, simulating the motion of a sprinkler – handy for moving both your hands and feet.


The Funky Chicken

Is the song already in your head just by reading those words? Good, you’re ready! Now this is a silly one; even sillier than some of the other in this list, but it’s also hilarious and a lot of fun. Scratch your feet on the floor, make wings from your arms and get clucking!



If none of the above catch your fancy, well why not just make something up - the fun thing about dancing is that you can do what you want! If you’re feeling a little restless, get up and find #Time2Move the fun way.


Check out our #Time2Move Spotify Playlist!

We love music and dancing so much that we went ahead and created our own special Spotify playlist – a compilation of the country’s top chart songs, complete with air horns added to remind you of when it’s #Time2Move. Check it out here and get dancing!



1. Thrombosis UK: The Thrombosis Charity. Reducing the risk of e-thrombosis. February 2013


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