It’s Blood Clot Awareness Month – share it with a friend

A gripping thriller that keeps you guessing, a rom-com with an ending that actually wasn’t cheesy or predictable… Sometimes a good plot twist is exactly what you want.


There are certain twists in the tale nobody wants though – and deep vein thrombosis is one you really might not see coming because, well, there doesn’t tend to be a dramatic build-up: in fact, DVT is more likely to happen when you’re sitting still. Just 90 minutes of sitting in the same position reduces blood flow behind the knee by up to 50% [1], increasing your risk of a blood clot.


But, spoiler alert: Getting up to regularly move around slashes this risk. And since March is Blood Clot Awareness Month, now’s a great time to nominate your nearest and dearest and remind them that if they’re spending long periods sitting down, then it’s #Time2Move.


We’ve got four twist-tastic short films to help you do it:




Show a commuter you care 

The suspense builds as they race across town to the station, weave through the platform crowds then – yes! – nab a window seat on the train. Cue uplifting victory music: The commuter’s ‘happily ever after’ is sorted for another day. Well, so long as they factor in some regular #Time2Move if it’s a long journey, because sitting still for 90 minutes or more increases DVT risk. Share the full video with a commuter or keen traveller!




Give gamers a nudge

They may have super-speedy reaction times with those hand controls, but gamers can easily end up glued to their seats for hours. While zombies and alien war zones might be no match for avid gamers, dodging DVT means making #Time2Move – whether that’s with a trip to the kitchen to refill a water bottle, or a quick stretching session before zombie battle resumes. Share this video with a gamer friend now!




Tip a TV addict

Who doesn’t love getting cosy on the couch for a movie marathon or boxset binge? But do you know what would make that home cinema setting even better? Some good old-fashioned intervals. Nip to the loo, top up the popcorn bowl – anything that gets you up off the sofa. Share this video a boxset binger!




‘Discipline’ a desk worker

Sure, dedication in the office is admirable and scoring points with the boss is important, but being productive really shouldn’t mean being glued to your desk chair for hours on end. Getting up to stretch your legs and take regular screen breaks, and escaping for some fresh air at lunch time could actually help you stay more motivated and alert (not to mention that offering to make a tea round is a great way to score Brownie points with colleagues too). See: Make #Time2Move and win at work! Share this video with a desk worker for Blood Clot Awareness Month!




1. Thrombosis UK: The Thrombosis Charity. Reducing the risk of e-thrombosis. February 2013



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