5 ways to re-move stress!


Work deadlines, family life, commuting, socializing, gym trips, catching up on the latest must-see TV – there’s no denying it, life can get pretty busy.


And that’s a good thing – no one likes sitting around bored.


But juggling so many different plates can quickly start to feel, at best, exhausting, and at worst, overwhelming.


So you probably think the last thing you need is someone giving you something else for your to-do list; but bear with us. These five activities might look like extra effort, but – just in time for Stress Awareness Month - they are here to reduce your stress levels, not add to them (promise!).


What’s more, because they all involve getting up and moving, they will also help lower your risk of DVT – a blood clot in the leg – giving you one less thing to worry about!


Clean up!

A messy home means a messy mind, so the saying goes. But you know what? Cleaning up will not only help remove a source of stress, it can be a stress-relieving activity in itself! Research shows that doing certain household chores can help improve your wellbeing, partly from the repetitive and meditative nature of pushing a hoover, scrubbing a dish or hanging out the laundry (though we’re pretty sure hanging out odd socks doesn’t count!) 1.


More importantly, it gets you up and making #Time2Move around the house!


Walk it

It doesn’t matter if you’re walking to the corner shop or hiking up a mountain, stepping out at any level can often help reduce anxiety levels. Not only is this the work of feel-good endorphin chemicals released from all exercise, it’s also the stress-reducing benefits of being outdoors in the fresh air 2.


It doesn’t need to be a long walk – make time for simple, yet often exercises to help reduce your risk of a blood clot.


Make a cuppa

Make time to get up from your screen and go and put the kettle on! Extra stress-relieving bonus points if you make a cup for a friend (and walk over to deliver it) too!


Just because you’re in the office doesn’t mean you can’t make #Time2Move (or be stressed!).


Get grooving

Nothing beats the blues or cheers you up like dancing round the living room to your favourite tune. It doesn’t matter what it is or who it is, as long as it gets you up and jigging, it won’t only lift your mood, but can help prevent the formation of blood clots too. In fact, sitting for just 90 minutes on a chair cuts off blood circulation from behind the knee, increasing the risk of developing blood clots 3

Now get up, get moving and shake that stress away!



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