6 easy ways to take a step in the right direction this National Walking Month!


Every now and then, we make a small promise to ourselves to get a bit more active.


If you’ve found yourself unable to actually convert thoughts into action, though – fear not, because this month is your time to shine. May is officially ‘National Walking Month’, and we think this is the perfect time to take a step towards better fitness!


The health benefits of doing so are well-documented - walking more can show significant improvements in blood pressure, slowing of resting heart rate, as well as reduced cholesterol – and of course – your risk of deep vein thrombosis, a blood clot found in the leg.1


National Walking Month Challenge

So what are you waiting for – step up to our National Walking Month challenge! Pledge to do at least one of these six easy activities every day for the next 31 days (and beyond too, please!) and you’ll soon see why a little more walking can make a lot of difference.


Stop it

Normally, getting off at the wrong bus stop is a source of extreme annoyance – but not this month! Press stop one (or two, or three…) stops early and walk the rest of the way. If the traffic is bad, you’ll probably get there faster anyway!


Talk and walk

Sitting down all day can seem inevitable if you work in an office, but there are two very simple ways to change that. Firstly, convince your colleagues to have your next meeting on-the-go - not only will it up your steps and get your blood flowing, it’s also been proved to help boost creativity by up to 60%. Second on the to-do list is stop pressing send, and go and talk to your colleagues instead! More steps, more friendly – double win!2


Remember, remember

We know life in an office can get very busy. You get to your desk, think you’re just doing one quick task, then suddenly it’s lunchtime and you’re still sitting in the same position! So why not set a reminder on your phone or computer to get up and move? Even if you only make it to the recycling bin or photocopier, anything that gets you walking instead of working will do!


To your credit

We love a good Netflix binge as much as the next person. What we don’t love, however, is the amount of sitting it involves – remember that sitting for just 90 minutes (which is only about two episodes) can cut blood flow behind your knee by half, increasing your risk of a DVT!3 To fix this, we suggest not pressing ‘skip to next episode’ but letting the credits roll and walking (or dancing, depending how upbeat the music is!) round the room instead.


Worth the wait

Annoyed that your train is delayed? Or that the queue for your morning latte is too long? Don’t just get angry, get moving! Pace up and down the platform or jig up and down on the spot – basically, turn any wasted time into walking time!


This National Walking Month, don’t be part of the 44% of people who aren’t aware that staying active is the best way to prevent blood clots from forming.4 Remember, you don’t have to make big moves to stay active and make #Time2Move – so get walking!



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