World Heart Day: 24 hours, 24 promises, and one aim

Heart health is important every day of the year – our hearts are one of the most important things in our body; they keep us moving.


But today, on World Heart Day, heart health is more important than ever!


One way of helping make your heart healthier is by making #Time2Move! By doing small, but often, exercises, you can get your heart pumping, which means your blood is pumping too – the added benefit is that moving blood can help lower your risk of developing a DVT, a blood clot in the leg.


Incredibly though, 44% of people aren’t aware that staying active is the best way to prevent blood clots from forming.1


That’s why, to mark this year’s World Heart Day, we’ve joined the day’s ‘make a promise to your heart’ pledge, and have created a list of 24 ‘promises’ you can make to move more – one for every hour of the day. You don’t need to do one every hour, but why not try them out, and tell @ThromboCoach how many you managed!


  1. Start the day as you mean to go on and make the bed – shaking out those covers can be quite a little workout!
  2. Don’t just brush – brush and bend! Do some lunges while you do your teeth – a great way to wake yourself up and get a mini workout in.
  3. Forget the bus or the train, allow extra time and walk to work instead…
  4. If walking all the way is impossible, at least get off one stop early! It all adds up.
  5. And if you’re driving, that’s still no excuse not to get some extra steps in – just park at the furthest corner of the car park!
  6. The morning coffee wakes you up and helps you work harder – make it work harder too! Grab your latte from a shop one block further than your normal one.
  7. Instead of starting the day sending emails, get up from your keyboard and go and see your colleagues
  8. Sitting in meetings can be dull – so don’t sit in them, walk them instead! A walking meeting not only gets your legs moving, it’s also been proven to help boost creativity – double win!
  9. Once you’re back at your desk, there’s no need to be still just because you’re stationary. Check out our ThromboCoach ‘stationary’ exercises
  10. Need another screen break? Make a tea round for your colleagues –extra steps and an extra arm workout carrying the tray!
  11. Don’t take the lift on your way to your lunchbreak, take the stairs and earn that sandwich!
  12. Bored in a meeting? Keep yourself awake – and get the blood moving – by doing some knee bends under the table.
  13. Sometimes it’s easy to let time run away, and even if you want to move more, you forget. So remind yourself! Set an hourly reminder to get up and stretch those legs.
  14. Not only is drinking lots of water good for your health, it means you need to get up and head to the bathroom more too!
  15. Tell a joke! Did you know laughter can send 22% more blood flowing through your entire body?
  16. Whether you’re walking home, biking home, bussing home – there’s always a way to move more. Instead of taking your usual short cut, take the long cut! Walk the extra block, bike the long way round the park, stand in the aisle, don’t sit.
  17. If you’re catching up on the phone, why not catch up on some exercise too – walk and talk!
  18. And if you’re catching up in person, do the same! Don’t meet friends for dinner, meet in the park instead (or in the gym if you’re feeling extra energetic!).
  19. Nothing wrong with sitting down and watching a bit of TV. Just make sure you sit down and keep moving – it’s easier than you think… check out our tips here
  20. Don’t press ‘skip the intro’ – use the theme tunes to have a little dance!
  21. Don’t just stand there and stir your saucepans for dinner, follow the action and do some more ankle rolls too!
  22. Getting tired? That’s no excuse, you can still keep moving - a quick yawn and stretch is enough to get some blood pumping again.
  23. Don’t put it off until tomorrow – wash those dishes tonight, and pack in a bit of extra standing time at the sink!
  24. There’s still time for one more mini work-out before the day ends – yup, another teeth-brushing This time, squats while you scrub!



1. ICM interviewed a random sample of 20,258 adults ages 18-64 in twenty countries across the world through online interviewing between 17th July – 11th August 2014. Surveys were conducted across each country and the results have been weighted to the profile of all adults. ICM is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules. Further information at

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